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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Boulder Loop Trail


On Monday, before we head home, we did the Boulder Loop Hike. The Boulder Loop hike is located 6 miles up the Kancamagus Highway. Its a great hike of about 3 miles round trip. The first part of the hike is a bit steep with lots of steps. The view at the top is beautiful and there was a guy rock climbing on the ledge on the other side. I believe it is called Cathedral Ledge where he is climbing. There were repellers up on our side that were going down the side of a cliff. It was a very active day of hiking as we saw several groups of people on the trail. There were a few caves for the kids to hide in and a happy face rock that someone had decorated with eyes to go with the happy face smile.

The "Huts"

The kids were very busy this trip building some little "huts" on the beach. This project kept them busy on a weekend where a lot of time was not spent in the water. We spent a lot of time ON the water but not IN it. We kayaked, rafted, and canoed. We did a little bit of swimming on Saturday which was the warmer of the four days. By Monday morning the kids knew that they had to move their huts or be subject to demolition. They were busy for a few hours moving them to an area that is not currently being used. They had a whole game that went along with their huts complete with a queen and money and stuff like that. In the previous post there is a picture of Julian "fanning the queen", and another of him with "the old ball and chain."

Last Lazy Days at Camp for Summer 2009

We went up to camp for the last big weekend of the summer. The weather, although it could have been warmer, was nice, in the 70s and sunny for most of the days. We headed up mid-day on Friday and met the McCowns. Friday night, Sean grilled some marinated steak tips and chicken while the kids had pizza. Saturday was spent lazing around the lake after the girls took a trip in to the outlets for some last minute school shopping. By the time we got back to camp the air had warmed and the boys were back from their fishing trip. Julian got a fishing pole for his birthday and my brother-in-law Sean has been nice enough to show him the ropes. Although he didn't catch anything, his casting is getting a lot better. Saturday night my parents treated us to a lobster dinner at the Lobster Trap and after that we headed over to the Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. Sunday we spent the day at Attitash on the Alpine Slide and the water slides. Julian also did a climb up the climbing wall and after that we headed back to camp for a dinner of leftovers. Sadly, Monday came and we had to think about going home. We did a hike in the morning and then enjoyed the last minutes of sun before cleaning up and heading home. The ride home prooved to be a long ride with all the holiday traffic but the weekend was definitely a success.