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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Haunted Overload

Today I brought Julian and his friend Tim over to the Coppal Farm to view the Haunted Overload. Haunted Overload was started by Eric Lowther at his home in Exeter. A couple of years ago his haunt outgrew his property and he moved it over to the Coppal Farm in Lee, NH. This is the most impressive Halloween displays that I have ever seen. During the day people are allowed to walk through the display without the full effect to get an idea of whether or not they can handle the real deal. At night they have fog machines, scary lighting, live monsters jumping out and of course no Halloween haunt would be complete without the scary sound effects. We are hoping to go over next weekend for the scary walk through. Anyone in the seacoast area should make a trip over to see this impressive display. Others can view virtually at

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day weekend foliage pictures

Columbus Day weekend is supposed to be the peak foliage weekend in northern NH. This year leaves much to be desired in the colorful department. There are a lot of colors but they are not as bright as usual and there is a lot of green still around. On Sunday I dropped my brother-in-law Sean and my Uncle Ronnie off at the trailhead for the Mount Chocorua hike. The road out there, which is where these pictures came from, had some beautiful views. The peak beside the barn and looming over the lake are Mount Chocorua. They hiked to the top in 3 hours and got snowed on! The trip down took a little longer and was a bit more difficult as it is harder on the knees. My sister, Julie, and I stayed behind and brought the kids to Zebs to spend some money they got grom Grammy and Papa and then we cleaned up the camp and headed home before the holiday rush.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yesterday we went to the Oktoberfest celebration at Attitash/Bear Peak. It was not a huge event but big enough to be fun. There was a tent set up with beers from 10 or so local breweries along with bratwurst and other German foods and a band dressed in lederhosen. Pretty funny sight in and of itself! There were plenty of activities for the kids including a rock wall, bungie trampoline, bounce house and a craft tent with face painting etc. I am happy that Julian is still at an age where he is entertained by these kinds of activities. Although it was a very cold day it was fun and the beer was yummy. My favorite was the Tuckerman Headwall Brown Ale. I usually go for the pale ales but the guy behind the keg gave me a sample of the Headwall and I was hooked. It was very light and flavorful and I liked it best. Plus the guy was one of the more personable keg tenders and I tend to gravitate toward givers of good service! OH, I almost forgot...did you see the pictures of where we put the kids during Oktoberfest? Only $0.75!!! LOL...just kidding...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cross country

Julian has been on the cross country team this year for the Cooperative Middle School (CMS). His team is doing really well and has some very fast runners. Julian is running around the upper middle of the pack. He has one to two meets per week and practices the rest of the school days. Here are some pictures from the last meet he had at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, NH. This race was a 2.1 miler and he ran it in 16:44. It was a very cold day that day and we were not really dressed for the weather...

Sherman Farm Corn Maize in Center Conway, NH

A couple of weekends ago Jaime, Julian and I went to the Sherman Corn Maize in Center Conway, NH. This years maze was really cool...the theme was Land of the Lost and the maze was cut into the shape of a giant dinosaur. It took us about 1.25 hours to do both phases of the maze. Inside there were cornundrums that we had to solve which were things like a cartoon of a bunch of pigs wrapped in a blanket and you had to keep track on a list and got entered into a drawing at the end if you got them all. There was also a corn cannon which Julian used to try to shoot targets for prizes. He nailed one of the targets and won a free shot. This maze is really cool and I would recommend it to anyone who is going up north.