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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jen Turns Fifty

My sister Jen is turning fifty
On this twenty-second day
She was born in sixty-one
Out the door she went to play

She broke her finger playing once
And bandaged it to mend
And on the mend it was at last
'Til Elsie broke it again

Her tooth was chipped one winter day
From a ride on a Radio Flyer
But she played on throughout the day
'Fore she never was a crier

Although her life's not always perfect
Her life was pretty cool
She didn't get arrested
Or kicked out of high school

Now she got married, twice in fact
And I will live to tell
Her second man's a finer match
Than the first which was her hell

But we won't dwell on all of that
Its brought her up to here
The finest mother, sister, and wife
For that we'll give a cheer

Now she met Mr. Morrison
One sunny summer day
And on a date they went at last
And now he's here to stay

He moved her up to Winni
A banker became she
And then she had a baby
Named Jackie, oh the glee

And soon another came along
A little baby boy
And Jacin was a baseball player
That gave them all some joy

Now my sister loves her coffee
And I'll attest to that
She drinks it whether hot or cold
It doesn't make her fat

She doesn't live up by the lake
In NH anymore
Now she's "down the bayou"
With Mardi Gras galore

Her first year was a rough one
'Til she got herself a job
She worked by making greasy fries
But they thought she was a snob

Those ladies weren't always nice
But Jen, she stood her ground
And finally those lunch ladies
A friend in her they found

But now she's moved away from that
She teaches special kids
Some of them are very nice
But goodbye some she bids

She likes the heat and likes the sun
And likes to read her books
And once she took a class
Tutorial on Nooks

We've had a lot of laughs
And boy we like to talk
We live a million miles apart
But still we go on walks

But only if she's got the time
A second job has she
She cleans the adult locker room
Of a health club, don't you see

She cleans the sinks and toilets
And hoses out the showers
She polishes the chrome
Her boss, she never glowers

At fifty she will never be
A lady who is old
'Cause fifty's the new thirty
Or so I have been told

Happy fiftieth birthday Jen
You are forever young
Love, Dani :-)