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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Julian and I went on a sea turtle watch last night. We met up with a turtle watch group that we heard about through one of the faculty spouses. She was lucky enough to witness a leatherback turtle laying some eggs. You can see the pictures from her outing at this link...
We did not see this particular turtle or any turtle on our outing but we saw where a turtle had nested on a previous night. The season for the turtles is just beginning so we might do another outing but we'll have to see. You have to go out after dark so it is hard to keep Julian up that late. We started out at 9:00 and walked the length of Airport/Lovers beach which is a good 1/2-3/4 of a mile. You have to walk in the dark so you don't disturb any turtles that might be coming ashore so it is kind of weird. On the walk in you keep your night eyes peeled for any turtles or tracks. When you get to the end you sit for about 45 minutes or so and then start walking back to see if anything has come out since the walk in. We saw some tracks and one nest but that was it. We will be going out to the beach in a few weeks in the morning to see if we can see some baby hatchlings. It takes 50-70 days for the babies to hatch and the leatherback was there on June 2nd so I am hoping we might get a glimpse of them before coming home for the summer. It is just a hit or miss operation. This group goes out 3-4 times a week during the peak season so they tend to see a lot but it was the first time they had seen a leatherback in action. They take measurements and tag the turtles so they can keep track of them. Julian had a great time and impressed them all with his sea turtle knowledge. He also gave them a demonstration on how a turtle builds their nest.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Notice something missing??? Julian lost his second top tooth the other day. It had been hanging on and we had a party over at the pool and Julian was underwater and one of the kids kicked him by mistake and knocked it out...into the pool. He was very upset until all the kids started telling him the stories of how they lost teeth and couldn't find them and what they did to still get money from the tooth fairy. He wrote the tooth fairy a letter and explained what happened and there was money for him in the morning. Today he went to the Four Seasons gift shop and bought some plastic sand utensils (that will probably not last more than a day) with the money that he got. He just had to spend it right away.  Posted by Hello

Julian and his friend Harrison (Harry) at the pool for Harrison's 5th birthday party. They are acting like One Clawers which is their made up variety of dinosaurs.  Posted by Hello

Here we are playing a little shuffleboard. Julian liked to pretend he was the "little huckie" as he called the little puck things. We had a blast playing that game. That is Andrea, Jaime, Julian and Chris in the picture. We had a couple of great days over there. It was a lot of fun being there with friends. Chris' fiancee, Andrea, had flown in on Thursday after a one night detour in Puerto Rico due to Montseratt ashing away. She took us out to dinner the night she got to Nevis which we thought was really nice. I gave her an island tour on Friday so she got to see all the exciting sights of Nevis like the grocery stores, downtown, some of the resorts, the race track and Windward Beach. Then we cooled off at the pool and waited for the guys to get out of class. Andrea was feeling the need for some exercise so I picked her up for a run on Saturday morning. Our stay at the Marriott was such a blast. Andrea and I became fast friends and had a good time hanging by the pool and and enjoying happy hour. Which is...just one hour. It was sad to see her go and we hope to run into her again sometime. Our little very mini vacation was short but sweet and we knew the end was coming but it was so good while it lasted.  Posted by Hello

Here is a view of the resort from our balcony. Nice pool/ocean view. All the buildings you see are part of the resort. There are 19 buildings like the ones you see in the background plus the main building which is HUGE.  Posted by Hello

Julian at dinner at Blu which is a seafood restaurant on the Marriott property.  Posted by Hello

The boys were playing a little water volleyball to pass the time. Jaime, Chris and Daniel on the far side and some other students/vacationers on the other side. Not sure who they are.  Posted by Hello

The Motley Crew on our way over to St. Kitts for a little R&R. From left Julian, Danielle, Andrea(Chris' fiancee visiting), Chris, Daniel, Bombay. The boat behind us is not the one we took. We took the fancy ferry with air conditioning.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

One of Julian's favorite things to do is get thrown in the water. Whether it be in the pool or the ocean. Here he is with his friends Spencer and Andrew (they are the two on the right) And their visiting friends Tucker (throwing Julian) and Keaton (white shirt). They were here vacationing from the Boise area and it pretty much rained everyday sometimes all day until the last day of their vacation when the sun came out and cooked us all. Oh well, what can you do. They still had fun and we enjoyed meeting them. Jaime is finishing up his block of exams as I write. He has been up studying all night for weeks to prepare so hopefully it has paid off. Hello to the Western Moreno family if you're reading this. It was good to talk to some of you today, you guys should start a blog too, it's really easy! Posted by Hello

Julian enjoying a day IN the sand. His friends Lexi and Sydney helped him out with that.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005

This is my friend Chan, with me, over at Sunshine�s one night. Lets just say she was at one with the killer bee. We were there for an after block party. She is a hindu but she, and I quote, has her own spin on the whole hindu thing. She was reading my blog the other day and gave me crap about not having anything on my blog about her. So I decided to bring my people up to par on the proposal ways of the hindu people. Please don�t be offended if you are hindu or any other Indian type person. I have a general lack of all religious knowledge being a girl that did not go to church from the age of 5. And this is just my own sarcastic spin on Chan and her upcoming future. Back in August she told me she would be taking a trip to India to check out her father appointed husband. She is the first person that I have ever known that has been in a family that believes in arranged marriages and so I had LOTS of questions. She�s not real excited about being told who to marry. But, at least she is able to meet him first and told her father that she has the last say. You know, like if he�s not cute she won�t take him. And she wants to make sure he has all those important relationship qualities like calling her pretty all the time, cooking for her, buying her lots of jewels and giving her lots of money. And of course he has to be good looking. Haha. She asked me if I would go to her wedding and I told her that I wouldn�t fit in being a blonde white girl and all. I wouldn't know what to wear! She said she would buy me some funky wrap around dress type thing called a sari that�s all the rage in the Indian culture. I figure what the heck. It could be quite interesting for me, and I get a free sari! I have known Chan for a year now since she began pre-med with Jaime and she is a cool girl. I just hope she gets a cool husband because she deserves one. She�s a lot of fun and if she gets a boring husband it could stifle her fun-ness. I�m not sure if fun-ness is a word or not but what the heck. So good luck my friend. Hope all goes well on your holy road to matrimony. Love ya, Dani B. P.S. Chan, as we speak is studying hard for her upcoming block over at the library so she can be a more marketable wife. Kudos to you. Oops, is that Jewish?...see I told you I don't have a clue. I once put my donation money in the holy water at my friends church because I couldn't figure out why else everyone was putting their hand in there. I place for a piggy bank! Anyways, Good luck chickie!
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I meant to post this picture below... Posted by Hello

You can try and try but that candle re-lights! Julian picked out the cake he wanted for his end of school party. He chose a marble cake which came out really moist and yummy. We made butter cream frosting and colored it blue. Julian was very successful in his first year of school. He is reading like a trooper and loves it. We went to the library yesterday and got him a couple of new books. He got Make Way for Ducklings and another little mystery early reader. He was impressed that I knew all about the Make Way for Ducklings book. We also got Charlotte's Web which I started reading to Julian last night before bed. He really likes it. He thinks he may have heard the story back at Appleseeds but isn't sure. So, now it is summer vacation! We are very excited about this. We will hopefully keep ourselves busy during our vacation. We have about 7 weeks before we get to visit NH for 5 weeks! We are both really excited about that. During our vacation in Nevis we are hoping try out sea kayaking, go on a couple of nature hikes, visit some ruins and play, play, play!  Posted by Hello

Julian's cake had one candle on it to signify the end of his 1st grade career! Posted by Hello

Julian had his last day of school on Friday! Yay! Posted by Hello