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Monday, April 24, 2006

End of Round the Island Tour

Today we finished up our round the island tour. We started out mailing a couple of post cards in town. We headed up to tour some of the plantation inns on the other side of the island. First stop was Montpelier Plantation Inn which is way out in the middle of nowhere. My poor mother was in the back seat being decapitated by her seatbelt that kept engaging each time we found a bump in the road (which was about every foot!). It's not easy to get to but it's a really neat place. After that we toured the Botanical Gardens which was not in the best lush shape being that it has been so dry here. But it was still fun and interesting for them to see. By the time we got done there we were all starving so we headed over to Golden Rock Plantation for lunch. Lunch at any restaurant on Nevis is pretty slow so we settled in for a while. The kids ran around and played for a bit while we waited on our food. Jaime was at the chiropractor and came by later to join us. The food was good and the views were nice too and after we finally got our bill and paid we went over to Windward Beach. Julian's favorite. The water was pretty choppy as usual and Julie lost her prescription sunglasses in the water. It was impossible to find them because the water stirs up all the sand and makes it all cloudy. The kids played in the sand for a while before we head out and back to the villa. Once we got back there Jaime noticed that he lost his wedding ring also at Windward Beach so he went back over there with his friend Topher to look for it. The kids and us girls stayed at the villa and made dinner. Tonight we had a stir-fry dish that Jen made us when she was here visiting. It is very good. Jaime came back empty handed and has plans to go back over there tomorrow morning to look again. We are going to go over to Oualie and rent some kayaks and maybe do some snorkeling before heading over to Coconut Grove for dinner!


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