Latitude 17N

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Saturday my mother, sister Julie and niece Molly arrived. Julian and I made them a nice welcome sign and hung out at the airport and waited for them to clear customs. Their flight was uneventful and they didn't get charged any duty on all that stuff they brought us. We brought them up to the villa and got them settled in. The villa is just beautiful. The colors they used to decorate it are really bright and cheery and they have all kinds of decorations and paintings that keep your eyes busy. Some of it is really weird and eccentric but I really enjoy being up there and looking around. The kids spent the afternoon in the pool and we also made a trip down to the beach. I made taquitos for dinner with my home made salsa which was a big hit. On Saturday we went to the Nevis History Museum and the Bocane Pottery Studio. We stopped at the store for a few things and the deli on the way home. Then we enjoyed a lunch at the villa. We spent some time at Oualie Beach and watched Jaime get started on his 40k bike race. He came in last but had a good time anyway. That night we had dinner at a new Chinese food restaurant called Young's Restaurant. It has been being built for over 2 years and we have been watching the progress and waiting for it to get finished. The place is very fancy and the food is excellent. And the prices are reasonable also. We were told that on Sunday nights they offer 20% off so we are thinking that we will be eating out on Sundays from now on! The chef carves carrots into amazing little sculptures. You can see them in the picture. The kids thought that was really neat! Julian slept at the villa that night and today we took an around the island tour and had lunch at Sunshines. On our tour we checked out the Coconut Walk Sugar Mill ruins and the Lime Kiln. We also combed the beach and found lots of treasures including a bunch of sea urchins in really good shape. Lunch at Sunshines is always a treat. The Conways met us there too. We had grilled ribs, chicken and shrimp which came with salad and rice and beans. It was very good. Heidi and Julie enjoyed a killer bee before lunch too which they liked. I had to decline on the killer be since I was driving. We are now permanent at Sunshines with one of our company license plates nailed onto the bar. After that we came back home to get some steak for dinner and mom came over to call my Dad. For dinner the kids had chicken fingers and we had steak with gorgonzola cheese and sauteed mushrooms and a side of fresh tomatoes from our friend Reggie's garden. A meal that would have cost us at least 25.00 per person at any restaurant here on Nevis cost us about 25.00 total for all 4 of us. And it was as good if not better than any restaurant. The kids were tired tonight and will probably sleep really well. Tomorrow I think we will be finishing our round the island tour with a stop at a couple of the plantation inns and a visit to Windward Beach. Not sure what we'll be doing for dinner yet. On Tuesday we are going to Coconut Grove for dinner compliments of Bernier Corp and on Wednesday we are having some friends over for a catered dinner by Deli by Wendy. And those are all of our concrete plans for the moment. I think we have decided not to go to St. Kitts at all.


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